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Queensland Feline Association Inc. was founded in 1975 and to date is the largest registering cat control council in Queensland. QFA Inc. is a member organisation of the and Australian Cat Federation Inc.

QFA Inc. has a fully computerised system of record keeping and therefore offers breeders fast and accurate services of the highest possible quality. Forms can be downloaded from the Forms page.

As a governing body, QFA Inc. offers its Clubs and breeders advice and guidance where possible. The Council of QFA Inc, which consists of the QFA Inc Executive and Club appointed Delegates, meet monthly to discuss and deliberate on necessary general business and any current issues affecting Clubs, breeders and the wider cat fancy. Affiliated Clubs of QFA Inc. run regular cat shows and are active in the promotion of the cat fancy in general.  QFA Inc is a non profit organisation.

QFA Inc. has a panel of licensed Judges many of whom have both interstate and international judging experience. All the Judges are members of the QFA Inc Judges' Association and must attend its annual Judges' Workshop and AGM.



QFA Inc recognises the generous support of OzPet as our exclusive litter sponsor.


QFA Inc. promotes responsible cat ownership, including the desexing of cats sold as pets

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Show Rule 13 & 17 Amended

  • Show rule 13 has been revised ...
    Show rule 17 has been revised ...

Revised Show Rule 22

  • Show Rule 22 has been revised
    Every kitten entered in the show or on exhibition must have had at least one F3 (or equivalent) vaccination not less than 7 days prior to the show and a copy of its current vaccination certificate must be provided with the entry form.

2017 ACF National Show

  • ACF National Schedule is now available to download on the Show Calendar page.

Cat of the Year Winners 2016-2017

QFA Inc. promotes responsible cat ownership, including the desexing of cats sold as pets.