show forms

siamese & oriental kittens


COTY Points  - See Regulations & By-Laws section B.10

COTY points are calculated: 1st 100, 2nd 75 and 3rd 50 plus 1 point for every cat beaten in each individual ring.

Best Of Breed Points

One point is awarded to each best of breed plus 1 point for each  exhibit of that breed entered in each individual ring .

FOR EXHIBITORS - SHOW RULES      QFA Inc Show Rules @  25 February 2020





Please contact the QFA Secretary for judges contracts in MS Word.

Local Judge's Contract - Email for contract in MS Word format

Interstate, New Zealand and Qld Travelling Judge's Contract- Email for contract in MS Word format

Overseas Judge's Contract - Email for contract in MS Word format


List of Approved Stewards

List of Probationary Stewards

Attendance Form_Volunteers - To be used for Show Volunteers Sign-in or Meetings


QFA Show Representative Report  - Email for report in MS word format

BFL (Barred For Life) Form was UTH

BFL Card to be printed on red paper

UTJ Card to be printed on yellow paper

Probationary Steward/Ring Clerk Assessment Report

Probationary Judges Assignment Report

Reclassification Application

Steward of the Year Nomination form

Show Managers, please email one (1) marked catalogue to the following:

QFA Inc Secretary
Longhair Registrar
Shorthair Registrar

within 7 days after your show.  Thank You.

And one (1) marked catalogue to:

Nadine Savage (for the COTY point scoring):

Show Managers must provide a fully marked catalogue, including absences, withdrawals, not entered etc to the points scorer within 7 days of the show.  Whether submitted in hard copy or electronically, you must have a listing of the number of exhibits in each section written at the front of the catalogue or in the covering email.  If there are variations due to cats not entered in a  particular ring these must be noted as well (see example below). This will allow a cross check of numbers against the catalogue.

L/H Kittens 33
L/H Cats 25 (Ring 2 only 24 judged)
L/H Desexed  12
S/H Kittens 37 (Ring 3 only 35 judged)
S/H Cats  28
S/H Desexed 18
Companions 8