show calendar

21-22 March 2020Two Day Cat Spectacular– cancelled
19 April 2020Burmese Cat Fanciers – cancelled
Saturday 9 May 2020Birman Cat Fanciers Club– cancelled
Saturday 27 June 2020Gold Coast Cat Club – cancelled
6 - 7 June 2020 ACF National – Cancelled
26 July 2020Semi Longhair Cat Club – cancelled
7 - 16 August 2020Brisbane Royal – Cancelled
13 Sept 2020Flash Felines Inc – Cancelled
4 Oct 2020 QFA October Council Show – TBA
8 Nov 2020Abyssinian & Somali Cat Club – Cancelled

SHOW CALENDAR 2020 - 2025


Please Note

QFA INC SHOW RULES (current version February 2020) can be found under the Cat Show tab, in Documents/Show Forms. 
Show Schedules require Adobe Reader to open. This is a free download if required and is available here adobe reader

If you would like the Schedule emailed to you as a Word Document please contact the Show Manager on the Schedule 

Approved show cage measurements for exhibitors purchasing their own cages are:-

Small Show Cage:  62.5cm Wide x 46.0cm Deep x 52.0cm High 

Large Show Cage(for large breeds only): 78.9cm Wide x 48.3cm Deep  x 56.0cm High 

The cages must be lined on all sides with a solid material (eg corflute) to prevent cats from having contact with other cats. Exhibitors may place this liner inside the cage or attach it securely to the outside.