Cat of the Year Progress 2017

Last updated 2017-07-15 12:54:04

LonghairCats NameBreedOwnerPoints 
KittensGuysndolls Micky JNorwegian Forest CatD Le-Strange773Qualified
 Fidelis Fire N IceMaine CoonT Lamb667Qualified
 Tipasheena Kyra NeryseRagdollJ & R Clarke476Qualified
 Chesney Special Van Der MeerPersianW Mieglitz367Qualified
 Bonniebrae MatildaBirmanB Briers290Qualified
CatsShawtop CounterfeitPersianT Rushton1833Qualified
 Twomor Darci B Good 4 UsExotic ShorthairD & T Morrison750Qualified
 Vlasta Line CountSiberianB Gallagher746Qualified
 Hu Gallifreys Bellamy BlakeSiberianM Mahoney446Need One BIS
DesexedShawtop Too HotPersianH Jones1579Qualified
 Shawtop Oh Me Oh MyPersianH Jones798
 Rasharnee Lady MyahBirmanB Gallagher787Qualified
 Fidelis Catching FireMaine CoonT Lamb680Qualified
 Chesney Free Priscillas SpiritPersianH Jones506Need One BIS
KittensManis Pure BlondeSphynxS Henriksen & R McGregor1008Qualified
 Amaranth GlenmorangieScottish FoldJ Coles, J Dennington, J Gablonski801Qualified
 Ambritt Endless Summer NightsBritish ShorthairA & J Maas554Need One BIS
 Jesseniah BaileySiameseK Langmaid492Need One BIS
CatsOsiris(V) Black BeautyAbyssinianM & S Shawn1013Qualified
 Iceni RemusBengalP Harrison729Qualified
 Amaranth GlenmorangieScottish FoldJ Coles, J Dennington, J Gablonski674Qualified
 Kimlai BagheeraMandalayC Dyett643Qualified
DesexedKimara Blu Shimma Kinda SpecialRussianA & J Christison1684Qualified
 Ambritt Smarty MartyBritish ShorthairB Harbour1219Qualified
 Osiris(V) New BeginningsAbyssinianL Field478Qualified
 Bellaspree MiamiAmerican ShorthairB Althaus371Need One BIS
 Mr PugsleyM Auld & L Du Vallier1102Qualified
 Mighty Phar LapM Auld & L Du Vallier672Qualified
 Magnificent Count DrakulaM Auld & L Du Vallier510Qualified
 DarbyL McInnes463Qualified
 AbbygailB & S Campbell353Qualified



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