Cat of the Year Progress 2019

Last updated 2019-10-16 00:14:05

LonghairCats NameBreedOwnerPoints 
KittensGuysndolls AdrielleNorwegian Forest CatD Le Strange1915Qualified
 Fidelis Don Chi ChiMaine CoonD Opperman593Qualified
 Waggy You Win AgainRagdollM Waghorn589Needs 1 BIS
 Vonderbren Denim and LacePersianC Rand548Qualified
 Miakoschka KazzimirSiberianM Mahoney400Needs 1 BIS
 Guysndolls Burning LoveNorwegian Forest CatD Le Strange346
 Ltrend The Poachers SonMaine CoonT Lamb289Needs 1 BIS
 Guysndolls AkselNorwegian Forest CatP Sperduty226Needs 1 BIS
CatsFidelis Fire N IceMaine CoonT Lamb1344Qualified
 Wroxton PhantomRagdollJ & R Clarke1331Qualified
 Fidelis AsgardMaine CoonT Lamb657Qualified
 Belshazar Von Der SelengaSiberianM Mahoney637Needs 1 BIS
 Guysndolls Euphima Norwegian Forest CatD Le Strange558Needs 1 BIS
 Softnsweet AphroditeRagdollK & B Johnston411Qualified
 Syrabit XerxesExoticL Ulrick252
DesexedShawtop Too HotPersianH Jones2708Qualified
 Shakandah Sienna RoseBirmanT Erridge992
 Shawtop Money TalkzPersianH Jones814Qualified
 Brincat Celestial AngelBirmanL Debrincat565
 Softnsweet ChevyRagdollM & S Shoring548Qualified
 Hoshiko Mister SpockBirmanK Fallon544
 Fidelis Don Chi ChiMaine CoonD Opperman527Needs 1 BIS
KittensBlazer Cherry BombeAmerican ShorthairA & J Berry1158Qualified
 Osiris(V) Makes My Heart SingAbyssinianM & S Shawn644Needs 1 BIS
 Osiris(V) Love AffairAbyssinianM & S Shawn608Needs 1 BIS
 Bahati When Doves CryBurmilla ShorthairC Dyett531Qualified
 Kittykatz Call Me BritneyBurmeseT Cox & R Clark424Needs 1 BIS
 Aussieposhpaws Aloras Prince CharmingBengalS & J Haskins379Needs 1 BIS
 Kittykatz Glitz and GlamourAsianT Cox & R Clark374Needs 1 BIS
CatsBahati Hidden TreasureMandalayC Dyett1078Qualified
 Tijah Deep River BlueAbyssinianM & S Shawn900Qualified
 Richson American Ambassador to OzAmerican ShorthairJ Coles640Qualified
 Salvador Gullermo Del ToroScottish FoldJ Dennington & J Coles612Needs 1 BIS
 Blazer Mistar FandangoAmerican ShorthairA & J Berry443Needs 1 BIS
 Blazer Cherry BombeAmerican ShorthairA & J Berry396Needs 1 BIS
 Manis Just Pure SassSphynxS Henriksen & R McGregor388Qualified
 Catempire Aloras Prince CharmingBengalS & J Haskins325Needs 1 BIS
DesexedAmbritt Smarty MartyBritish ShorthairB Harbour2803Qualified
 Kimara Blu Shimma Kinda SpecialRussianA & J Christison1619Qualified
 Osiris(V) Oscar WildeAbyssinianL Field716Qualified
 Kittykatz Calamity JaneBurmese N & L Savage460Needs 1 BIS
 Akila Dark SunAbyssinianG & M Clignett330
 Benzots BalakirevBengalB Campbell297Needs 1 BIS
 Captain GrowltigerCompanionL Du vallier & M Auld1859Qualified
 Mr PugsleyCompanionL Du vallier & M Auld1763Qualified
 AntonyCompanionL Du Vallier & M Auld1459Qualified
 Jarlaxle The Dark ElfCompanionA Mann398Needs 1 BIS



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