Cat of the Year Point Scores 2018

Last updated 2018-07-16 21:56:20

LonghairCats NameBreedOwnerPoints 
KittensWroxton PhantomRagdollJ Clarke708Qualified
 Fidelis AsgardMaine CoonT Lamb652Qualified
 Coonmagic MacgyverMaine CoonT Lamb609Qualified
 Fidelis Paint Mia RainbowMaine CoonT Lamb390Qualified
CatsFidelis Fire N IceMaine CoonT Lamb1381Qualified
 Miakoschka YulianSiberianM Mahoney668Qualified
 Shawtop Spies N LiesPersianT Rushton595Qualified
 Twomor Darci B Good 4 UsExoticD & T Morrison493Qualified
DesexedShawtop Too HotPersianH Jones1701Qualified
 Chesney Free Priscillas SpiritPersianHJones467Qualified
 Xoxo Kismet HugsRagdollK Petri461Need 1 BIS
 Fidelis Thanos On FireMaine CoonJ Needham300Need 1 BIS
 Guysndolls Birthday CelebrationNorwegian Forest CatS Le-Strange297Qualified
KittensOsiris(V) SurrenderAbyssinianK De Mao693Qualified
 Riokay Legend Of Jesse JamesBurmeseB LaRocca647Qualified
 Manis My MilkshakeSphynxS Henriksen & R McGregor453Qualified
 Furdinkum Champagne PebblesBritish ShorthairT Bill388Need 1 BIS
 Kyapark Bewitched MysticDevon RexP Watts359Qualified
CatsBahati Hidden TreasureMandalayC Dyett776Qualified
 Jesseniah Kimimela AdanyahSiameseL McInnes601Qualified
 Manis Just Pure WickedSphynxS Henriksen & R McGregor404Need 1 BIS
 Blazer Mistar FandangoAmerican ShorthairA & J Berry393Qualified
 Yahztak MisakiBurmeseL Warren361Qualified
DesexedAmbritt Smarty MartyBritish ShorthairB Harbour1127Qualified
 Kittykatz Calamity JaneBurmeseN & L Savage1092Qualified
 Kimara Blu Shimma Kinda SpecialRussianA & J Christison809Qualified
 Jesseniah BaileySiameseK Langmaid615Need 1 BIS
 CleopatraCompanionL Du Vallier & M Auld1085Qualified
 Miss Dior CherieCompanionL Du Vallier & M Auld974Qualified
 Mr PugsleyCompanionL Du Vallier & M Auld905Qualified
 AbbygailCompanionB & S Campbell611Need 1 BIS
 Olive OilCompanionL Du Vallier & M Auld520Qualified



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